Update procedure for Covid registration and vaccination

Update procedure for Covid registration and vaccination

As per the recent Health Ministry vaccine policy announcement, Princ Suvarnabhumi Hospital would like to announce that covid registration and vaccination will not be in service for people aged below 60 years as it has been postponed to be during July 19, 2021, to until further notice.

However, people over 60 years and those with underlying diseases can get their vaccine only with a new appointment schedule from our hospital.

Moreover, please be well-informed as per the new guidelines, the eligible person will receive the Sinovac vaccine as the “First Dose” and AstraZeneca vaccine as the “Second Dose” this may change depending on the doctor’s consideration.


For more vaccine-related information, please consult through our official Line account: @psuv.

– ข้อมูล ณ 16 ก.ค. 64 เวลา 17:00น. –

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