Men’s Health Center

Men’s Health Center | PRINC Hospital Suvarnabhumi


PRINC Hospital Suvarnabhumi offers care, promotion, prevention and treatment, as well as holistic restoration of men's health by using modern medical methods. Combined with alternative medicine, we are ready to take care of you. Consultation for you today. with a team of medical professionals.


A Building, G Floor


Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday 05.00P.M. - 08.00P.M., Saturday 08.00A.M. – 01.00P.M.


02-080-5999 - 9 (International Customer Service)

We completely understand about Men's ploblem. Provide a holistic care to cover all men's health to suit the lifestyle of each person. For effective results in the long terms, the treatment can be treat from a little to big problem.

Men’s Health  Department  

Service available on Monday – Wednesday at 05.00P.M. – 08.00P.M. or  Saturday at 08.00A.M. – 01.00P.M.