Cancer Center

Cancer Center | Princ Hospital Suvarnabhumi

Prince Hospital Suvarnabhumi provides comprehensive cancer care with professional cancer doctors from various branch together. Screening, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Follow-up will be given


Cancer Screening

“Screening is the best protection ”  Screening cancer is the best way to discovered and treated disease early. Especially, in the patient whose parent's has cancer history.

  • Breast cancer screening with digital mammograms and ultrasound 

  • Lung cancer screening with Low dose CT

  • Cervical cancer screening with Pap smear, HPV

  • Examination of the inside of your large intestine (colonoscopy), blood test for cancer markers (CEA)

  • Prostate cancer screening by blood test. The Ultrasound or MRI will be provides if result come abnormal

  • Liver cancer screening by blood test and Ultrasound. Stomach cancer screenig by Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) in high risk group


Diagnosis and Treatment 

Accurate and timely diagnosis of the disease will be treated effectively. A capable treatment plan an be given after know the stage of disease by combine many treatments in a holistic way with a professional cancer doctors from various branch such as cancer internists, radiologists, surgeons and pharmacists to find a common treatment approach


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