Dental Center


TDH Dental Center receives ISO 9001: 2015 standards, providing comprehensive dental services, experienced dentists, a professional team ready to take care of you well, equipped with modern equipment and tools to treat patients in more than 70 countries around the world trusted by many actors and celebrities


Currently, TDH has 6 branches: Thonglor branch, Punnawithi branch, Ratchaphruek branch, Icon Siam branch, VDH in Laos and Princ Hospital.


B Building, 2nd Floor


02 080 5999 - 9

Dental Service 

• General Dentistry : scaling, filling, tooth extraction

• Orthodontics :  Invisalign, Brava by Brius, Damon Clear, and Braces

• Cosmetic Dentistry : Tooth Whitening, Veneer

• Prosthodontics : Dental Crown, Implant, Dental Bridge, False Teeth

• Restorative Dentistry : Front Aesthetic Fillings with Composite Resin and Inlay&Onlay

• Pediatric Dentistry : Floss, Fluoride Treatment, Dental Sealant, Dental Crown, Root Canal Treatment, and Pediatric Braces

• Endodontics, Periodontology, Occlusion Dentistry, Maxillofacial Surgery




iTero Element Plus Series machine, Scaner machine 5D  : TDH The leader in clear orthodontic innovation, Invisalign provides treatment with a fully digital system that is accurate, modern and has TDH also has the latest 5D dental scanner iTero Element Plus Series.

CT SCAN CS9300 – Carestream : Analyze and send out images to clearly show the internal structure of the face structure. make a plan Can treat on the spot, takes less time, more convenient, suitable for those who want orthodontics, root canal treatment, implant implants, bone grafting or even Maxillofacial Surgery

Morpheus 3 Dimensional Scan : The Facial Scan tool will scans the shape of the face and surface in 3D, allowing analysis and display of results in real time.

3 Shape Intraoral Scan : A scanner for recording teeth in 3D format, resulting in a 3D image instead of a normal mouth impression. Suitable for those who want to make crowns, bridges, implants.

• X-Ray Kodak 8000C : Digital dental x-ray machine used to take panoramic and cephalometric radiography of the mouth and skull, which makes the dentist's treatment plan more convenient.

Digital Data Studio : Room for preparing various image data to be used in planning analysis Design the treatment for the most effective results. Digital storage can make a difference Customer Jouney allows patients to experience procedures that are simple, fast and modern.

Sterile Room : Sterile rooms under international standards can ensure that all tools and equipment are clean and safe.


Opening Promotion 

• Free dental check-up and x-rays to find tooth decay, price 800 BAHT.-

• Dental polishing and scaling, price 900 BAHT.-

• Free consult for a clear Invisalign orthodontic dentist including with scan iTero Simulate the image after orthodontic treatment, price 10,500 BAHT.-