Emergency and Trauma Center

Emergency and Trauma Center | Princ Hospital Suvarnabhumi

Emergency and Trauma Center

Diagnosis, care and treatment of all types of emergency patients Both pediatric and adult patients 24 hours a day by specialists in emergency medicine. Specialized Nurse in Emergency Medicine can provide first aid preliminary treatment at the scene of the accident, moving the patient quickly and safely for continued treatment in the hospital. Until restoring the condition back to normal with modern tools and technology. Helps to accurately and timely diagnose and treat emergency patients.

ศูนย์อุบัติเหตุและฉุกเฉิน โรงพยาบาลพริ้นซ์ สุวรรณภูมิ


Care and Evaluation of the Patient's Status

  • Quick monitoring of the patient's status to assess the severity of the situation.
  • Providing immediate nursing care to patients with urgent needs.


Accident and Emergency Care

  • Providing urgent help and treatment in the event of an accident such as providing assistance in case of injury or drowning.
  • Actions for patient safety and accident treatment.


Emergency Treatment

  • Providing a treatment for urgent patient such as Heart disease, breathing problems, seizures, or serious conditions.


Medication and Pharmaceutical Treatment

  • Giving medicine in necessary case for the patient's safety.


Forwarding and Urgent Control

  • Referring patients who need more in-depth treatment to other departments or another hospital that has expertise in treatment.
  • Controlling the urgency of the situation and coordinating with the medical team and other medical personnel in the hospital.


Advice and Support

  • Providing advice on health care after treatment and prevention of future emergencies.
  • Supporting and information in cases where the patient or family needs additional assistance or social assistance.


Location: B Building, G Floor

Working Hours: 24 Hours

Tel: 02-080-5999 Dial 9 (International Department)


B Building, G Floor


24 Hours


02 080 5999 Dial 9 (International Department)